The Silos

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I have not posted much lately.  In fact, I have been spending a majority of my time taking pictures for our school’s yearbook.  Anyway, here are three pictures of the silos on my school’s campus.  The school used to be a working farm so you can expect more farm pictures of the school and farm when I find time.



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So I have wanted to get some of my better shots printed for the longest time, yet I could not decide which of the numerous printing websites to use.  Finally, I came across a printing company that I have never heard of before, that I read so many good thing about.  So I sent in two pictures and got 8×12 prints of them.  I ordered them Thursday and I just received them today and I was very pleased with the results.  The colors were not messed up and they did not crop my image at all.  Now you’re probably wondering, ‘What site did he use?!’

Drum roll please…MPix!  I just wanted to share how pleased I was with their print job and I would also recomend it to anybody else who wants their shots printed.  I will definitely be ordering more from them in the future.

Phillies Game

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My family and I went to a Phillies game against the Washington Nationals last night.  We got tickets, from my mom’s boss, in section 128, row 29 of Citizen’s Bank Park.  The seats were wonderful and with my 200mm lens, it was like I was right there in the game.  I had fun shooting in full manual; it took me a few tries to set everything up and tweak it as needed, but no real difficulties.  I am Photoshop-less for the next two weeks, but I decided to post these shots anyway.  I will probably revisit these shots in a later post once I get Photoshop back.  I’m still trying to learn the basics of post-production, I was thinking about buying a book and maybe learning that way.

Anyway, enjoy the shots.


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A collection of shots from Assateague, Maryland.  We only visited for the day, so I made the best of it.  The shot of the abandoned house with the sky background is my personal favorite of all the photographs I’ve taken.


Barack Obama Visits

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Barack Obama visited my town and I thought I would go down and hear what the possible future President had to say.  When I finally got into the event I had absolutely no room to shoot!  It was beyond crowded and I couldn’t shoot over people.  So I eventually stopped trying to take pictures of the Indiana Senator and focused more on the crowd.  This was my favorite picture of the shoot.

Light Writing

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“Light Writing” was definitely an experimental shoot for me.  A few shot I saw around the Internet and the recent Sprint Commercial inspired me to try out a few on my own.  So I messed around with the camera settings and different types of flashlights until I found the results I liked.  The rest is just creativity and some drawing skill, which I barely have any of.  But I would definitely recommend this to anybody.  It’s fun and very easy to do.  Once I get back to school I plan on doing this more with my friends.

CFS Baseball

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These shots are of my school’s JV Baseball team.  Normally I’m playing second base here, but I cut my finger badly and I had five stitches in it at the time.  So I came along to support my team and take some pictures.  This was the only one I really liked out of the shoot.  When I was taking these shots I was still learning about the camera and how it worked so I lost a lot of potentially good shots.